Last day 🙁

What an amazing last day we have had. Even the rain and winds didn’t dent our spirits. Armed with plenty of perseverance and the strength to conquer our fears Valley and Desert group hit the high stuff: zip wire and giant swing.

Keep checking back for photos over the next few days as staff coordinate to find the best ones from across the week.


Desert group

The Desert Group had a really fun filled day yesterday! Lots of collaboration, perseverence and problem solving going on! We enjoyed – Caving, Climbing, Knights quest, Dungeons, Canoeing and archery!

Everyone had a go at everything even if they weren’t too sure to start with! Great work Desert group!!

A super busy afternoon for the Desert Group today! Crate challenge, Challenge Course, Piranha Pool and the Trapeze!

Everyone tried there best and had a go even if they were unsure about it to start with!

Day 1 for Valley group

It’s almost time for tea for Valley group (we’re starving!)

What a day we’ve had so far. We started off with the crate challenge, then the challenge course, followed by the piranah pool and finally trapeze. We all conquered our fears and persevered to make sure we tried all the challenges faced so far.

Well done my group!